Y is the dependent variable, the unknown: We can’t always forecast the weather, and rain can catch us off guard BUT, on every occasion, we can stay dry and stylish thanks to the umbrellas (lightweight, windproof, small and pretty).
Si scrive y-dry ma si pronuncia why dry.

Y-DRY is the rain friendly brand.Pretty, chic and fun, all our products are masterpieces of Italian style….to discover the bright side of bad weather!

Y-DRY is a brand born to flip around all the weather clichés. Too sunny or too rainy, the umbrella is the accessory to never leave behind: regardless of your style, the colours and the patterns of these umbrellas are made to impress, amuse, shield and last.

All Y-DRY creations are handy and stylish, a summary of refined elegance and fun. High-quality wind-proof umbrellas that have passes all testing thanks to a combination of high-tech structure and microfiber based on carbon material that makes them both lightweight and durables.

The focus is 200% on the design, because the concept of each Y-DRY creation is to manage even the most adverse weather conditions and to always be handy and pretty: Classic or pocket umbrellas that open and close with a simple push-button, capsules and rain accessories with exclusive features which every year get launched in brand new collections, to match and enhance even the most demanding look.

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